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Pre-Creation (Q1 - 2021)
There used to be a project called Scam Token, the main dev of this project got scammed in "Nigerian Prince Token" and lost all his life savings, then, he started his own project along with two co-workers. Since I was a mod at the other project and also lost money, he invited me to being mod of this new project.

One day some admins and me, decided to start a group were we would help people avoid scams, and we could use it to promote Scam Token. Basically that's how Scams Talk was created.

Beginnings (Q2 - 2021)
After the group was created we started to try help people, but none of us (Scam Token's admins) had much idea about how scams happened, there were no places for learning about this either, so we just had to slowly learn by ourselves.

At some point we discovered that leaving reviews at the comment sections of pre-sales (when they used to have one) was a very effective way of helping people and getting more members in our community, so we started reviewing tens of pre-sales every day.

Consolidation / Golden months (Q3 - 2021)
Our first summer was the best period of the group. Not only we gained over two thousand members but we started monetizing the group through AMAs with vetted projects. We didn't made loads of money but was still pretty good.

During this time I also decided to unlink the community from Scam Token. The devs of the project stopped being active, and chart was going down. Since I could already tell what was happening, I decided to leave before the project was completely dead. I lost a big amount of money and lot of time, luckily Scams Talk was owned by me and I had been the main contributor so I just took it and forgot about Scam Token.

Downfall (Q4 - 2021)
Pre-sale platforms removed the comment sections from the pre-sales due to high amounts of spam. Since this was our main source of members we took a big hit and the community activity started going down.

On the bright side, we got a partnership with Pinksale for offering KYC at their platform. But this didn't last long since Pinksale stopped allowing third party KYC because some providers (InterFi and DessertSwap) were allowing many scams to get the "KYC" tag.

Because of the decreasing amount of new members I started to panic and tried lot of random stuff in order to try to get new people in the group, like doing a calls list, starting a giveaways channel... all of this mostly failed and just ended up getting more people to leave.

Reversal? (Q1 - 2022)
You will see :)